The Choreography Club

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There comes a time in every dancer’s life that they start to learn the art of choreography and the process of creating a piece of art. Whether it’s standing in front of the mirror aged 5 piecing movements together to the words, learning at GCSE to A-level mastering the art of canon and dynamics or creating a piece for the stage with a live audience. It becomes a part of a dancer’s journey and once you’ve learnt the art form you can enhance a performer and the performance.

Here at Raising the barre, we want to create a platform to showcase work. We want to share pieces that inspire us, things that we create at the academy, and for you to get in contact with us and share pieces as well. We want to help show choreographers work who are talented and hard-working and share tips that will help get those creative juices flowing.

We also want to create a place where dancers can shine and share their talent as well as finding music that would work well with choreography.

We hope to link this to a youtube space where work can be easily accessible and shared.

If this sounds exciting to you we want to hear from you! Whether you want to chat about using our space, joining the academy, or showing us your work then please get in contact with us at


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