Dance ’til Dusk

At the Life & Soul Academy our team is most definitely not shy of a performance, and this year we decided to take it al fresco! Every other year at the Academy the senior students take on the challenge of creating their own show consisting of acting, singing and dancing with everything being decided by them. Consisting of a lot of team meetings, rehearsals, and planning we took to Miss Lynda’s gorgeous garden to stage ‘Dance ’til Dusk’.


We’ve put together a step by step plan to show you how the senior students put their production together! 

  1. The name! Coming up with a creative name helps promote your production and tells your audience what to expect. We all got together for a brainstorm until eventually, we got ‘Dance Till Dusk’- an evening, outdoors event from the afternoon late into the evening.
  2. The Venue! Deciding where you want your performance to happen can cost money. Choose whether you can host it at your dance school, if you could host it outside (fingers crossed for the weather), or if you want to find a theatre. We decided to take a risk and host it in Miss Lynda’s gorgeous garden! We had lots of space to play with so could come up with lots of site-specific ideas for choreography as well as entertainment for our guests. We actually had to do a sun dance to get the sunshine to arrive, and it did!
  3. Time and Date! Quite important really… Choose a date and time where your dancers are available as well as suiting your audience. By choosing the best time and date the more of a turn out you can get so think carefully!
  4. A logo! You may want to come up with a logo for posters/tickets/t-shirts/etc. we got together to design one to help showcase the production. It started off with a hand-drawn sketch and was taken to the printers for posters and t-shirts.
  5. Team Work! After deciding on the name and venue we got ourselves into teams to split the work. Entertaining/Marketing/Food and Drink/Decoration/Music are all factors into creating a production. Entertaining were in charge of stalls such as face painting and hair braiding, Marketing were in charge of ticket sales, posters, and t-shirts, Food and Drink were in charge of the BBQ and buying enough for all the guests, Decoration had to make sure that the production looked good, and the Music  team had to make sure that the choreographers had their music cut and ready and to make sure we had a sound system for the event. Go Team! 










Once you have all of these things in place you’re pretty much ready for your production! Fundraising allows you to purchase everything you might need so get together and do a bake sale for that extra bit of cash. We opted out for costumes and danced in our specially designed t-shirts, jazz pants, and jazz shoes. Let us know how you get on if you decide to give it ago!




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