Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie

The perfect pick me up in the morning is something fruity and delicious. This smoothie recipe is super simple and super easy.
We believe in using organic, natural, wholesome ingredients.
By using the best possible produce you will optimise your results, and believe us when we say it’s a lot quicker than making tea and toast…
so what are you waiting for!


You Will Need List


Place everything into the blender until you have a smooth consistency.

We have used the Waitrose frozen fruit bags with a Breville Blender.

Miss Sally says: ‘Up the Anti with Ginger!’
By adding ginger to your smoothie it has a more effective shot that coffee!
Did you know that ginger is a natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and increases blood flow?
The Dancers equivalate to paracetamol!

Top tip: Recycle a Jam Jar and take it to class with you. If you store the smoothie overnight in the glass jar it will keep your smoothie nice and cold. Brrrr… 


Smoothie 3

Share your smoothie snaps using the hashtag #raisingthebarre

Miss Sally & Lou x

We do not profess to be scientists, nutritionists or experts! We live and learn every day and the advice that we post is shared with good intentions and for you as dancers to develop your own knowledge with us.

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