Coldpress: Juicing on the go!

At the Life & Soul H.Q, we are huge fans of the benefits of juicing! We love coming up with interesting, colourful recipes and finding inspiration all around us to make sure we get our 5-a-day and replenish in the right way.

However, when we’re out and about and we need a hit of juice power we were stumped in finding something that we could buy instantly. We wanted something that wasn’t pasteurised, had no added sugar, tastes amazing and used good quality ingredients giving dancers the boost of energy they would need before class.

So, we got in contact with the wonderful people at Coldpress to see what they had to offer with their ready to go products that you can pick up from your local supermarket.

 beetrootmeangreen strawberrybananaPumpkinMangopassionfruitpinkladyorange

About: By cold pressing fruit and vegetables it means that the taste is better and essential nutrients are kept in the juices. Traditional methods of preserving a juice are done through pasteurisation in which it is heated. This means that a lot of the nutrients are lost in the process and we don’t get as much of the goodness as intended. By cold-pressing it enables a range of single fruit varieties such as the humble apple juice. Instead of just labelling it apple juice you can choose from Pink Lady and Golden Delicious… how clever!
Another amazing factor in the process of cold pressing is its ability to maintain twice the amount of vitamin C than a pasteurised bottle of orange juice- you can drink less, get your dose of vitamin c and consume less sugar.

Taste Test: As with most things this is very important. We took to our students to take the taste test to see what they thought of the range. They were a big fan of the bright and vibrant ‘Juicy Roots’ saying it was tasty and sweet, as well as the strawberry and banana smoothie. They also really enjoyed the orange and apple juices saying they definitely had more flavour to them and liked that they could choose the type of apple. The teachers enjoyed the ‘mean greens’ saying it tasted a lot better than the average green juice on the market with the pineapple and pear making it sweeter. One of our favourites was ‘pumpkin power’ which we were all quite surprised with! Containing pumpkin, ginger, cinnamon, carrot, pineapple, apple and lemon it went down a treat and was gone within minutes.

coldpressvegThe 3 veg juices taste sweet and delicious. They aren’t too overpowering and are great for on the go


coldpress bottles

The range of juices and smoothies that we taste tested

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 23.01.27

Overall we were super impressed with the range on offer and whereabouts we could find them on the go. They would be great before classes to give you that boost of energy and are the perfect size to pop in your dance bag.

Let us know if you try any of the range and what you think of the different flavours!

The RTB Team,
Miss Sally & Lou x

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