Back to class: Dance Bags

As we prepare to go back to class we start to think about new uniform, collecting all the right hair pieces and shoes we need, and a bag to keep them all together. If your dance bag is getting a bit old or you’re looking for a new one we’ve put together a collection of our favourite pieces for you to be term ready!

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This selection of adorable prints will show your kids off in style and will hold all their ballet shoes and taps with additional room for snacks and drinks. We wish this gorgeous Ballet print was available for adults as the bright pops of colour in the backpack style is perfect for class. Store ballet pins and nets in the handy front pocket.

The reversible drawstring bag is perfect for girls who like to switch up their style! It’s also a great idea for keeping your bag aired out to stop shoes from becoming too smelly!

Not forgetting the boys, these backpack styles are great for on the go.The dinosaur print is cool and quirky and the bottom compartment works as a great place to store snacks and drinks for after class. For a bright pop of colour try the cool car backpack. The handy drink compartment will stop any spillages. Check out the whole range from Cath Kidston by clicking on the image above!

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Step away from the stereotypical dance bag and find something fun and interesting to store away your bits and pieces.
The Capezio Duffle Bag is great for dancers who study a wide range of styles and need to take a lot to classes. Switch up the style by converting it from a duffle bag to a backpack with the unique straps and take the long shoulder strap off for a handheld look. Also including a wet pocket, ID label and extra pockets this bag gives you all the room you could possibly need. The simple design also makes it suitable for both men and women. 

A bag suited for Miss Sally, this Accessorize Ellis Sporty backpack is sparkly, stylish, and the perfect addition to your dance kit. With lots of extra pockets for everything you need and a light blue interior; you will easily be able to find everything whilst keeping your dance kit organised.

 Moving onto this sporty number from Nike, these backpacks come in three colours- black, grey, and pink, again perfect for men and women. The Nike Azeda backpack is secure, adjustable, and will carry everything you need. The exterior pockets are perfect for loose change and grips and have a haul loop for versatile carrying.

For girly girls like Lou, check out this Ted Baker floral number. With lots of space inside and a handy zip pocket, this tote is great for on the go and gives you loads of room to chuck everything in. The material of the bag means that spillages can easily be mopped up without the worry of it being ruined. 

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 From classes to university, teachers and performers, we think we’ve found a bag for everyone. Starting again with Cath Kidston, the Double Decker travel bag  would be great for all of the above. Use the top section to store dancewear, shoes and personal belongings and use the zip bottom half for snacks, drinks, makeup etc so you can keep it organised and under control. This nifty bag has a handy pocket inside to stash away your phone and also folds down into a small pouch. Have a bigger dance bag and need even more room? Store this away so you can pull it out if needed. It is also machine washable and is extra strong to handle all your belongings. 

Need something small and easy for a small class? Try this Caroline Gardner Ditsy Canvas ToteAt only £10 it can act as an extra ‘bag within a bag’ for dance shoes or loose items, or if you only have a single class and a few items then chuck everything into here and you will be sorted! The bright pops of colour and the floral print will make you stand out from the crowd.

We are in love with the TOMS Aqua shiny coated canvas avenue tote (what a name)! There is a pocket on the inside and outside of the bag, and its sturdy bottom frame means when packing everything in you can keep it organised. Our favourite thing is most definitely the colour! You most certainly won’t lose this amongst others! It’s big in size and will fit nicely over you shoulder and we love the fact that with every bag purchase made TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need. 

If you are always on the go and have a lot to pack check out Herschel’s backpacks. There is lots of room inside and has a cool red and white stripe interior. The straps are comfortable with the backpack being made from a durable material so will last you a long time.

Last but not least is this duffle bag from Nike. It’s small in size but big enough for you to carry all your belongings and has two side pockets to keep things separate and organised. The zips allow you to open the bag so you can see everything inside as well as allowing you to pack a lot into it. Use the long strap to carry it over your shoulder or use the carry handles. 


  1. When you get home from class be sure to empty out your dance bag and air out your shoes.
    You don’t want to cause a stink!
  2. Buy a water bottle that you know isn’t going to leak.
    We’ve had many an issue with water going everywhere and onto clothing.
  3. Heading straight from one class to another? Pack a lunch box full of healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, and yoghurt.
    Store it in a lunch box to stop it from getting smelly or causing a mess in your dance bag.
  4. Got a spare pencil case?
    Use it to keep hairbands, hair clips, bun-nets, pins, hairbrush and your hairspray altogether. It makes the whole process a lot easier.
  5. Label up your belongings little ones! Use these handy stick on labels for bags, shoes, clothes, and anything that is yours to stop things from getting lost or stolen.


We hope you enjoy checking out all the bags from the edit and find something different than the traditional dance bags on the market. Got any other suggestions or useful tips? Leave them in the comments for other dancers!

The RTB Team,
Miss Sally and Lou x

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