Over the summer So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation has had us hooked! Who knew that such tiny dancers could have so much talent and inspire the world with their art form. As the final 5 take to the stage we thought it would be fun to post our favourite performance and write a small review to give you a glimpse of what to expect from this part of the site! We also hope to share live performances that we have seen & share reviews of what to go and watch.

‘What the world needs now is love’
Will Young

After watching this once it tugged straight at my heart strings.
The simplicity and effortlessness of the movements act as a metaphor for how easy love can be and echoes the idea that this is all the world needs in these tough and testing times.
The choreography is clever at portraying this idea with the dancers sharing an emotive performance.

As the piece starts you get a sense of the dance idea as the first dancer is shown to struggle and collapse to the floor. The surrounding dancers then come to comfort her and pick her up and act as a shoulder to lean on. The two remaining groups then echo the same idea showing it in different movement. It then moves on to create perfect still moments as well as partner work to show people coming together. The costume’s fluidity and colour help to showcase the mellow mood with the music helping to highlight the message and create a fluidity to the gestures.

The group then begin to dance in unison with a mixture of high and low movement until they all fall to the floor and collapse. One dancer remains standing looking confused at his surroundings. He starts to help people stand back up and they all join hands.

As the piece begins to end, the camera angle allows the dancers to form a corridor as they all face each other. One dancer then shows the others the idea of ‘love’ by connecting their hands and continues to do this as he runs down to the front of the stage. The dancers then embrace in a hug along with the idea of  reassurance and recognition that this is the right thing to do. The last dancer who is alone on the floor is helped up and shown that no one is alone.
The dancers then return to the same idea shown at the beginning of the piece- that everyone needs a shoulder to lean on. 

What the World Needs Now Is Love – Single

I would highly recommend checking out the SYTYCD Youtube Channel to see the other live performances.

Lou x

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