SYTYCD: The Mirror

Last week we watched the final 5 perform, sharing with us their own choreography for the first time as well as performances from the ‘All-Star’ professionals for the 250th episode.

Maddie Ziegler performed alongside Travis Wall in a dark and strange piece called ‘Cage of Bones’ which showed the duo completing complex lifts and moves showcasing the idea of light vs. dark- both edgy and captivating.

It’s a very interesting performance to watch showing us various ways of light and dark battling each other portrayed by physical contact between the pair.

You can take lots of choreographic inspiration from such a simplistic idea.

This week we got to see the next generation take to the stage with new All-Stars executing different genres of dance, which brought out another side to them and showed again how versatile they are.

Emma and Jenna performed a beautiful duet to Ellie Goulding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’ showing the story of adoption.  J.T had a go at Bollywood showing amazing energy,  pizzazz and labelled ‘limitless’ by the judges.  Kida went African style with quirky movements and Tate went sassy with Salsa. We also got to see a repeat of previous performances that wowed the judges as well as some of the favourites throughout the series.

For this weeks review, we wanted to talk about J.T’s contemporary performance with Robert called ‘The Mirror’. Choreographed by Travis Wall with the music coming from The Danish Girl.

The idea depicts ‘reflection’- A man who has made some bad choices in life and looks back upon his younger self and says ‘this isn’t what I want to grow up to’.

The performance starts with the man (played by Robert) walking past a mirror and seeing his younger self (J.T) in his reflection. Feeling confused, he starts to play around with his features to make sure what he is seeing is real. As the violin, accompaniment builds as does the movement. The piece travels out in front of the audience, with the camera angle giving a realistic view of the piece.

As the little boy is pulled through the mirror it shatters the perfect illusion and turns to the man’s struggle of growing up in life. The duo performs a mixture of high and low movements with lifts, twists and turns to portray the dance idea. The little boy acts as a guide to show the man to keep his head up and not be beaten whilst hope and opportunity is represented with big lifts until eventually, they return to the mirror.

The man drops to his knees and the little boy pulls him in and grabs his shirt and chin with a confused and concerned look on his face. The man is thrown away in bewilderment and stumbles back to the mirror to see his own grown up reflection with the realisation in his eyes.

See Travis Wall’s interview about the performance and the choreographic intention HERE and see our first review of ‘What the world needs now is love’ HERE.

Cage of Bones
The Mirror

What do you think of the two pieces?

Leave comments below and let us know what ideas you got from them- Are they something you would choose to choreograph about or has it shown you performance skills?
Share your favourite performances with us and your ideas could end up on the blog!

The RTB team,
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We do not own the rights to these videos and are shown for enjoyment purposes only. All reviews are our own and done so with the intention of ideas and inspiration.

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