Getting back in ‘Step’

After a long summer break it can feel daunting returning to the Studio, so here are a few things to consider;

Your Studio is like a second home so BE YOURSELVES…


Easy said than done right?
Well with a wave of ‘identikit’ selfies & celebs it’s all too easy to follow the crowd BUT as a Dancer, you should celebrate your individuality and unique personality.
Casting Agents & Directors will look for performers who stand out from the crowd so there’s no need to change who you are to fit in AS YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE!

At the beginning of each term think about your GOALS for the weeks & months ahead- you may want to achieve the perfect splits, execute a clean double pirouette or maybe just to improve your fitness level.  Approach your dance teacher for advice & share your goals with them, as it’s our job to help you every step of the way and encourage your ASPIRATIONS.

Be PREPARED & POSITIVE at every class- you have complete control over your SUCCESSES & FAILURES (remember that success normally grows from failure- if you learn from it!).  So make sure you have everything you need to be the very best you can be- correct fitting shoes, dance wear, hair perfectly groomed, warmed up & FOCUSED.

FUEL your body with plenty of great nutritional juice & foods in between classes- to aid mental clarity, energy & giving you the best chance for your achy body to REPAIR itself.
The Raising the Barre team will be posting lots of information on nutrition for dancers to help you make your own choices to be a strong, healthy dancer full of VITALITY.

Don’t forget why you chose to dance in the first place…so lighten up & LOVE what you’re doing!!! Compete with you and you only, there’s always someone in the studio that can hold the perfect plié, kick behind their ear or look effortless en pointe but trust us when we say that we have the same worries as you.  So save your energy-don’t compare and become demotivated-

Have a fab term Dancers!

Miss Sally x


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