What to see this Christmas ’16

Musicals, Pantos and Ballets galore! It’s getting to that time of year where we get the whole family together and celebrate the festivities with going to the theatre.

It’s a magical experience which is sure to enlighten and spread joy at this time of year; so why not take a look at what we want to see throughout the season.

the-snowmanWHERE: The Peacock Theatre, London
WHEN: 23rd November-1st January
PRICE: Ranging from £15 to £36
SITE: PeacockTheatre.com


WHERE: The Royal Opera House
WHEN: 23rd November-12th January
PRICE: Ranging from £5 to £120
SITE: roh.org.uk


WHERE: Milton Keynes/Liverpool/London/Southampton
WHEN: 23rd November to 7th January
PRICE: £13.90 to £79
SITE: ballet.org


WHERE: Lilian Baylis Studio
WHEN: 10th to 30th December
PRICE: £12 to £18
SITE: sadlerswells.com


WHERE: London Palladium
WHEN: 10th December to 15th January
PRICE: From £19.50
SITE: cinderellapalladium.com


WHERE: Aylesbury Theatre
WHEN: 9th December to 31st December
PRICE: £12 to £32.50
SITE: aylesburytheatre.com


WHERE: Boxmoor Playhouse
WHEN: 9th to 18th December
PRICE: £8-£10
SITE: boxmoorplayhouse.com

So that’s it! We hope you find the magic in going to a Christmas performance whether its near or far.
You can also visit the Cinema to see The Royal Ballet’s Production of The Nutcracker as well as other well known Ballets. Check your local cinema for more information and dates.

Let us know if you go and see any!

Miss Sally and Lou x

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