Have to? or Want to?

So the New Years resolutions have been bandied around and ‘good intentions’ have been spoken about…. but really? How much thought did you really put into your new year goals?

Year after year the same ‘promises’ are made to yourself…”I’m going to lose weight”, “I’m going to go the gym 4 times a week”, “I’m going to take more ballet classes” “I’m cutting out chocolate”… well here’s the thing

Do you HAVE to or do you WANT to make these promises…. thought so!

The definition of Have toBe obliged to, must  don’t even seem like friendly words but Want to= a desire for; wish for…so much nicer don’t you think?

Create your goals because you desire the outcome, so dream big and do it because you want to & not because you have to.

Goals should help you focus your efforts in pursuing your ambitions, not drag you down so really think about what you truly want.

Visualise yourself achieving your goal & start living the way you choose, I say it many times to my students but “YOU BECOME YOUR THOUGHTS!” so rev up your positive vibes darlings.



Human nature kicks in the second we go against ourselves or feel deprived who’s started their new diet on a Monday morning & by 11am raided the chocolates or anything calorific you can get your hands on? Why? Because you felt you had to rather than wanting to take control of your health & nutrition.  So you triggered the self-destruct button on your so-called ‘good intentions’

Live your life to the max, squeezing every drop of opportunity from it and you may even want to follow our Raising the Barre mantra  ‘Seeking high standards & few limitations for a healthy, happy, empowered life…’

Happy Dreams Dancers… if you want to that is!


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