Up En Pointe

Once you’ve learnt about the pointe shoe and sewn them up ready to go it’s time to learn how to tie them and use them.

Tying them is very simple once you know how. There are so many tutorials that you can find online on how to tie them but your dance teacher should show you before you go up en pointe. See our Pinterest board TO THE POINTE  for our favourites.

Our top tips include:

*Make sure you finish tying on the inside of your ankle. This way you can hide the ends and tuck them in.

*Don’t tie your ribbons on your ankle bone. It may rub when you are trying to dance.

* Do a double knot! It’s going to fill more secure and will hopefully stop them from coming undone.

* Tie them so they feel secure but not too tight that you restrict the movement of your ankle.


So your shoes are on and you’re ready to go!

Even starting to stand en pointe isn’t as easy as it seems!
See the pictures for the correct positioning of your feet.
It’s so important to master this from the very beginning to prevent injury.

Our recommendation is starting at the barre to get used to the feeling of going from demi pointe to full pointe.
Starting in parallel push your feet from being flat on the floor, to demi pointe and then up onto full pointe.

Whilst doing this think about the positioning of your feet in your shoes.
Are you fully up en pointe so that the whole platform is now on the ground or are you only half way there?
Use this time to get it right so that when you come off the barre you feel more secure.
See the video below for guidance.


Going up on relevé is another great exercise to get used to the feeling of going up en pointe.
Start by standing in 3rd position and ‘snatch up’ into a relevé.
Think of where your heel is on the floor and replacing it with the platform of your pointe shoe.
If you struggle with this concept and are simply rising insteading of achieving a réleve; place a pencil or ribbon on the floor at the heel of your foot and use that as a guide to help you.
See the video below for guidance.


Other great exercises to starting en pointe are

Couru’s – A running step which you can do stationary at the barre and build up to moving it into the centre.

Échappés – Start standing in first and échappe (meaning a leap from two feet simultaniously) into second making sure the whole of your platform is on the floor.

Rises- Simple rises at the barre can really help to strengthen your ankles when learning the art of pointe. Once you get used to the feeling of being on two feet try it on one foot using the same method and technique. It will be natural to have one foot stronger than the other.



If you find that you need to strenghten your ankles when you are up en pointe try using a dynaband. They act as a resistant material that will help strengthen up every part of your body if you put it to the test. Ask your teacher for some excerises you can do at home so they can cater for your specific needs.

Find the dynaband and other materials you will need for your pointe shoes in our FITKIT post.



Let us know if you would like to see anything else in our to the pointe series!

Happy Dancing and remember no pain no gain!

The RTB Team,

Miss Sally and Louise







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