En Pointe Technique

Our Academy girls tied up their new shoes and headed to the barre for the first time on their pointe shoes last week amidst much excitement & nerves.

It’s not until you go back to the very basics that you realise as a dancer (who has trained en pointe for several years), how much there is to it and how much you learn along the way.


We wanted to list some of the tips that makes going onto pointe that little bit easier and answering the questions you might be unsure of.

Our tips and tricks to making sure your technique is ‘en pointe’! …





You’re not tying your ribbons all the way up your leg… sorry Barbie! Keep it low at the ankle so it gives you the support you need.






 Some ribbons have elasticated pieces to them which can support the ankle ligaments & tendons

Make sure your ribbons have been sewn securely – loose ribbons are not a great start!

After a while of using your pointe shoes you may want to iron out the ribbons to keep them looking neat and tidy.
This will also keep them flat as you tie them round the ankle.

Darning Pointe Shoes 

Darning your shoes is so important to stop the wear and tear of the satin and ultimately helps you stay upright

You will need:

*Curved Needle
*Darning Thread

Some pointe shoes already have a suede cap which you don’t need to darn over. Please be careful with suede caps as they will become slippy over time.  You can use a scouring pad to roughen the fabric a little to create a bit of friction.




Taking care of your shoes and useful information. 

Looking after your shoes is so important after class.  Here are our top tips to keeping them fresh and not smelling too funky!

*Be sure to air them out and not keep them in the bag.
*Remember to take your toe pads out of your pointe shoes when you take them off – they also need to be aired.
*Create a natural foot spray containing teatree and lavender to disinfect them and to keep them smelling fresh.
*If your ballet shoes are slipping at the back of your tights use a tiny bit of water to stop them from falling.
* These shoes are for YOU and YOU ONLY! Do not share your precious shoes


and finally…

Be patient when you start your Pointe training- follow your teachers advice, keep up with your conditioning exercises & don’t do more than what you’ve been taught with your teacher.


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