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 “When I was bundled off to a dance class near me in Hemel Hempstead at the tender age of three I had no idea that my path in life would lead to running & launching a number of successful businesses.”
Miss Sally Ilsley

My bright red Lycra catsuit (which made us kids resemble dancing blisters!) was hardly the launch pad to my power dressing ways. The tears on the way home from dance class when I couldn’t perfect a triple time step when everyone else could created that sinking feeling inside.
Or when my dance teacher had chosen someone else over me to perform an 8-bar solo piece in a troupe number, when I was sure I could do it just as well (not that I ever mentioned this to my dance teacher expecting her to be a mind reader!)

An unlikely start for a self-made businesswoman.

So before you wonder why on earth I am sharing this seemingly tragic story of my dance beginnings & the many years that followed in the studio let me explain what dance really taught me…..

Resilience, Determination, Perseverance, Courage, Confidence, Resilience, Time Management, Creativity, Resilience, Passion, Commitment, Leadership, Adaptability, Dedication, Motivation, Curiosity, Resourcefulness

And guess what?  These characteristics have been linked to some of the most successful & powerful people in the world.  So I’d say my mum was pretty damn smart dropping me off for Dance training every week don’t you think?

Raising the Barre -Dance blog & Dance Platform- Quitting is not an Option


Believe it or not I wasn’t always ‘in love’ with dance, in fact I well & truly fell out of love with my lessons when I felt I wasn’t progressing.
Thankfully my mum stood strong and kept nudging me along…thus teaching me the first lesson that
I would never achieve anything if I became someone who just QUIT.

So as quitting wasn’t going to be an option I had to learn the Art of Resilience; in other words what I call my ‘Bounce Back’ mode when things didn’t quite go to plan.

Every Dancer will understand the feeling of having a disaster backstage.
A costume malfunction or a mind blank as you stand in the wings.
But what do we do the second we step into the spotlight?  We plaster on our best smile & get on with it!
Do we dwell on it?  Hell no, we’re too busy getting on with the next performance.

Yes we probably all share the same trait in pushing ourselves towards perfection but not to the extent that it holds us back & strangles the creativity of what we love.
Some of the most famous Entrepreneurs demonstrate a fabulous ability to reach for the Moon but if they miss they fall amongst the Stars instead…equally inspiring I feel.

You see the life skills you learn at your Dance School, Performing Arts Academy, Stage School or Drama club goes far beyond the studio.

A good teacher will ensure that not only will you achieve great things in your ballet, tap, modern jazz, street dance, contemporary, musical theatre, drama, singing etc but you will Leap into the Big Wide World armed with a bucket load of traits that will help you to achieve your ambitions.

Take a moment to think (not dwell) on all of the things you juggle in a week and give yourself a huge pat on the back as if your managing these ‘most of the time’ whilst smiling as YOU COULD BE ONE OF THE WORLDS’ UP & COMING CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS.

So thank you to my dance teachers, tough love & to my Mum.

Good Luck Setting the World Alight darlings… and always remember

Raising the Barre -Dance blog & Dance Platform- The World is your Oyster

Miss Sally x

Raising the Barre

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